Under Cabinet Lighting

If you are looking for improved visibility, great ambiance, energy efficiency and improved safety, under cabinet lighting is just the right choice for you.

When installing under cabinet lighting, Expert Electric will take the following considerations into account:

  • Electrical codes: Expert Electric will ensure that the installation complies with local and national electrical codes, which establish standards for electrical safety and ensure that the installation meets minimum standards for electrical performance.
  • Power source: Expert Electric will determine the power source for the under cabinet lighting, including the voltage, amperage, and phase. They should also make sure that the power source is adequate to supply the necessary power for the lights.
  • Circuit protection: We will install a circuit breaker or fuse to protect the electrical circuit from overloading. This is especially important in case of a short circuit or other electrical problem that could damage the lights or cause a fire.
  • Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs): If the under cabinet lighting is installed in a wet or damp location, such as a kitchen, Expert Electric will install GFCIs to provide additional protection against electrical shock.
  • Wiring: We will ensure that the wiring used for the under cabinet lighting installation is suitable for the intended purpose and complies with electrical codes. The wiring should be sized correctly to handle the power demand of the lights, and it should be protected from physical damage, such as by being run through conduit.
  • Switch placement: We will determine the best location for the switch to control the under. cabinet lighting, taking into account factors such as accessibility and ease of use.
  • Lighting fixtures: We can help you choose the appropriate under cabinet lighting fixtures based on the intended purpose and design of the installation, taking into account factors such as brightness, color, temperature, and energy efficiency.
  • Mounting: We will mount the under cabinet lighting fixtures securely to the underside of the cabinets, taking into account factors such as the weight of the fixtures and the materials used in the cabinets.
  • Testing: We will test the under cabinet lighting and its electrical connections to ensure that it is operating properly and safely before it is put into service.

Overall, Expert Electric will ensure that the under cabinet lighting installation is safe, meets electrical codes, and operates reliably and efficiently to meet the needs of the homeowner or business.


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