Outdoor Parking Lot Wiring Lighting

When wiring an outdoor parking lot, Expert Electric considers several factors to ensure a safe and effective electrical system:

  • Location and Protection of Electrical Equipment: The electrical equipment, including transformers, switchgear, and panels, must be located in a secure and protected area to reduce the risk of theft, damage, and electrical hazards.
  • Electrical Load Capacity: The electrical system must be capable of handling the expected electrical load, including lighting and any other electrical devices, to ensure that the system does not overload or cause a fire.
  • Grounding: The electrical system must be properly grounded to reduce the risk of electrical shock and other hazards.
  • Circuit Protection: The electrical system must include circuit breakers or fuses to protect against electrical surges and overloading.
  • Lighting: The lighting system must be designed to provide adequate illumination for the parking lot, including providing enough light to meet local codes and regulations.
  • Weather Resistance: The electrical system must be designed to withstand the local weather conditions, including extreme temperatures, high winds, and exposure to moisture.
  • Accessibility: The electrical system must be easily accessible for maintenance and repair, with clear labeling and access points.
  • Code Compliance: The electrical system must meet local codes and regulations, including the National Electrical Code (NEC) and any relevant state or local codes.

Expert Electric will consider these and other factors to ensure that the electrical system for your outdoor parking lot is safe, reliable, and up to code.


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